Does your compensation program actually motivate top talent and inspire results? Many companies rely on outdated practices that fail to engage today’s workforce.

As the job market continues to evolve, retaining and incentivizing your best people is more crucial than ever. YouRewards Strategy & Compensation Plan need a rewards strategy tailored to what employees value today. One that makes them feel invested in your success.

Business leaders need to consider these key steps to modernize their compensation and performance practices.

Start with Competitive Pay Strategies

While base pay alone won’t ensure engagement, it remains the primary reason employees join and stay. Make sure your compensation is competitive within your industry and local talent market. Consider these tips:

  • Research pay-base ranges for each role using relevant salary survey data. Identify gaps between your pay and the market.
  • Structure wide pay ranges that allow room for growth. Narrow ranges constrain retention and mobility.
  • Pay outstanding performers at the top of the range. This reinforces their value.
  • Develop clear criteria for pay increases based on skills, experience and results.

Competitive pay with transparency around growth opportunity is your foundation for success.

Incentivize Performance with Variable Pay

Once base pay is competitive, add in performance-based incentives. Variable pay rewards results and reinforces values. Effective plans include:

  • Compensation tied to goals like revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction etc.
  • Long-term incentives like stock options that vest based on company growth.
  • Sales incentives that motivate and reward sales professionals for achieving and exceeding revenue goals.
  • Rewards for exemplifying your culture via innovation, teamwork, quality etc.

Variable pay gives employees skin in the game. They see first-hand how their efforts contribute to the bottom line.

Modernize Your Benefits Package

Today’s talent values benefits that support work-life balance, health, and financial security. Take your benefits above the standard with options like:

  • Flexible time off policies
  • Flexible remote work options
  • Parental leave beyond FMLA minimums
  • Fertility benefits
  • Adoption and surrogacy assistance
  • Employee sabbaticals
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Student loan contributions

Creative benefits that invest in the whole employee attract and retain top talent. They also boost retention, engagement and the organization’s brand.

Rethink Performance Management

Annual reviews no longer suffice in the real-time business world. Employees want ongoing dialog and feedback tied to clear goals. Build a performance process focused on:

  • Setting aligned objectives across the organization
  • Providing monthly coaching and check-ins
  • Emphasizing development areas over criticism
  • Evaluating impact on business results, not tenure
  • Rewarding top contributors, not punishing underperformers

The goal is to drive development and connect work to outcomes, and in doing so, ditch cumbersome ratings for productive mentoring. By rethinking outdated compensation and performance practices, you gain a strategic advantage in securing top talent who drive results.

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